The 1999
Potted Pepper Garden
The 1999 growing season proved to be one that was dry, dry, dry ! It was a good choice to grow all our hot peppers in pots. Not only can you spot water them but move them to less sunny or more sunny areas as needed. The other great thing about growing peppers in pots is that you can over winter them. The habs were over wintered, kept root bound so we can winter them over again. We've used time release fertilizers twice so far, always let them wilt before watering, but always watch over them. With all this care, (ha) we had habs up til January and new growth ones in April. Half of the garden came from the USDA seed bank, the other half from plants through the internet/mail order.
Sizes of the pots varied, as well as material they were made from.. plastic to ceramic. The larger the pot the larger the production, this was without fail as to type. Peppers need room for root systems and for water supply. Both my wife and I eat fresh chiles from the garden but never go over board (our opinion) with the FIRE. Habs are extremely hot but in different areas of the mouth, all of the other peppers while HOT also heat differently. We also look for flavor and texture in peppers, hence the various types grown.
This page will be under construction til final harvest!
The Potted Garden (part of it)
A brief grazing in the garden brought out some nice colors. I pick my habs a bit early as you can see, this avoids the seeds from going moldy and they turn the rest of the way in a day or two.

We got these as a small plant - labeled Peruvian Purples, some call them Bolivian Rainbows.
Our wintered over habs
These we got labeled "Millenniums" - strange thing is, there are two types of peppers.
Hungrian Hot Wax Peppers - we end up eating these, before they get real large, 4-5 inches long, seeds and all. Peppers grow upward.
Volcano (TM) they look like a wax of some type - peppers grow downward.
Serrano peppers - quite spicy
Thai peppers
Tabasco Peppers unripe as of yet
Chocolate Habs - Big and still green - leaves really different then the orange habs

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