Southington Amateur Radio Field Day Site 2007

Southington Grange #25      Southington Grange #25


This meeting place will soon turn into our op-center

80 meter dipole

Yes Rod can wake up before 11AM

Eric -KB1EHE slingshot in hand

Rod and Eric finalize the tripod for Eric's antenna

Norm's 20 meter monobander

A process of love

Ready for the lift

Hold it right there

Up up and away!

Norm is finally getting up in the world!

Last little bit of adjustments.

And it is up!

Ed says - it needs a bit more

Last tension on the ropes

Bob and Norm check out the SWR on 20

Everyone gathers around to see the Yaesu 2000 work on 20 meters!

Some of the XYL's discussing further FD plans!

System integration to the max, audio, cw and logging activities.

Norm copying CW

New to the hobby Rich is into it!

Chet at the 40 meter station

Rod gives Eric's antenna a workout!

Mr Contest his self!

It sure was a dog day for some!

Rich is heavy into it!

Bev and her hubby Steve working 40 meters.

Mike on ten meters looking for activity!

Norm greets our section manager and Howard

Betsy gets a greeting from our President Tom

40 meter station complete with a laptop and logging software.

That Yaesu 2000 that we all want for Xmas.

Betesy and Howard off to visit other FD sites - 73 es tnx

Nick and his XYL Helen catch up on old times with Steve and Bev.

Tommy has this glint in his eye - Norm you had better watch that rig closely!

Dave after pulling an all night'r!

And finally everyone digs in for the promised BBQ

Clatter of knives and forks

Lots of good food and friends

Families enjoy one another and good cheer!

Pictures from - KA1ILH - KB1PAJ - W1WC