Southington Amateur Radio Field Day Site 2008

Southington Grange #25      Southington Grange #25



Charlie KA1DBS, Bob K1HSN and John WA1JKR having some op fun

Brothers in spirit

Rick KB1PAJ and Norm W3IZ



Setting up the 80 meter bazzoka antenna

80 meter bazzoka

Final inspection of the 80 meter antenna


Charlie says it looks good!


20 meter antenna

Norm's 20 meter monobander

support mast 20 meter ant

Many guy lines were needed for the 20 meter monobander

20 meter ant

And it is up ready to operate!

Tom at the controls

Tom KB1LKV at the controls


Eric KB1EHE our big op of the day

tom and allen

Tom N1SIA and Allen W1LOZ working the bands

old and new

Eric showing a visitor the ropes of contesting


Bob finds something pretty funny!

Could it be he finally has enough rope to hang himself with?


Rod and Eric

Two old hands at it

Rod N1FNE and Eric KB1EHE team up

Eric and visitor

Lessons learned


Rod logging the old fashion way - by hand!

pack it up

Packing the 20 meter beam up

headed out

All over for another year

The Crew