President: N1SIA

V. President: N1FNE

Secretary N1GCV

Treasurer: KA1ILH

Activities: YOU!

Southington Amateur Radio Association normally meets the last Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Lower Level of the Town Hall. 

April 26th Meeting!!! March of Dimes! Fleamarket, Field-day, Elections

Wanted: Still looking for Articles by club members. Send or drop them off to me, tnx de KA1ILH.

Editor: Chet KA1ILH

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New FCC Rules:
New FCC rules help out our
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Congratz to Charlie KA1DBS now a General Class and Rod N1FNE who passed his Extra. I am sure that it has had an impact on more then these two – it would be nice to hear for those of you who upgraded or who are planning to upgrade.

Southington Amateur Radio Assoc. Inc.

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Southington, CT 06489

W1ECV – 145.17

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444.100 - 145.370 - 442.750 Pl’d @ 77Hz

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Newsletter for April 2000

March of Dimes

The scheduled date for this event is April 30, 2000. We really need your help this year. We are already down one amateur due to classes, and another due to conflicts, so if you have given any thought to it at all PLEASE HELP OUT. We will get by with whatever help we get as always but the more of you there are the easier it will be on all concerned.

73 – Steve

President’s Notes!

Well another years flea market has come and gone, and this years seemed to be even bigger and better ! I want to start by saying THANK YOU to all the members who took time from their busy schedules to help make this years event a Huge success, so to all of you on behalf of all the officers of SARA ...... THANKS!!!! It's because of you our members that we can do this every year and help keep the club going in the right direction.

Over all the flea market went very well. We had a few suggestions on ways we could have done things a little better and made it easier for ourselves to run so with those ideas next years will be even smoother.

The tailgating was a huge success we sold out of every spot and could have used more but for our first attempt it was great. Come on down to the meeting and get the final report on this years flea market, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at it.

The March Of Dimes Walk-A-Thon is next on April 30th in New Britain at the Rock Cats stadium let's show them we can do even better this year with a bigger turnout of members to help out. The March-of-Dimes really appreciates us helping out and even has a banner hanging to thank us for the help. If you don't want to do it for yourself and the good time you'll have, then do it for all the sick kids that the walk helps out each year and know Your helping the kids out as well !

Thanks again to everyone who helped at the flea market, it couldn't happen with out you!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy Easter!



Other news:

Steve N1GCV is to go into the hospital for surgery, he is due for a quad-bypass. We all wish him luck and a speedy recovery!

Looking for:

(Contact Chet) "Who was it that I was talking to about Tuna fishing at the Cape at the Fleamarket?"


Some of you remember the Fleamarket where we helped raise money for Baby FRANK. Well the miracle of life is upon the family, this time TWINS! And all is well!

Word is if she, Nicole, doesn’t go into labor before the 27th then that’s the date the Dr is introducing them into the world! All is good she's 6lbs-8ozs he's 7lbs. DR’s very happy and said all is well. The latest on the twin front........ details on the 27th if not before. Looks like all the prayers and good wishes worked !!!!!!!!!!


This year’s Memorial Scholarship goes to Gregory Colonero is a student going for electronic engineering. He is the one whose application seemed to have his act together, stable, most in need. Greg has worked for Topps Supermarket for the past 2yrs.

Club & Equipment & Insurance:

Having an income from the Fleamarket and bills arriving the following has been or will shortly be paid for in full – Equipment Insurance – Club Liability Insurance – and State of CT Incorporation filling.

Thanks to all of you that helped out on the flea. It makes my day one of relief and good feelings to see all of you there. Through out the year planning and preparation pays off on one single day. This has been the biggest best yet! We are on the fringe of holding Fleamarkets for 20 years! It is hard to believe that we have been around for that long. We have outlasted most and continue to be the most consistent club in CT.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart – 73 Chet KA1ILH